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Do You Need A Permit To Remove A Tree In Cobb County?

As of September 2021, Cobb County, Georgia, does not have a county-wide tree removal permit requirement for trees on private property. However, specific cities within Cobb County may have their own regulations and permit requirements. It is advisable to check with your local city government or an arborist familiar with local regulations before proceeding with tree removal.

Note that the information provided may be outdated, so always verify with local authorities for the most current regulations and requirements.

Cobb County Georgia Tree Removal Permit and Ordinance Guide

In unincorporated Cobb County, Georgia, the need for a tree removal permit depends on the tree’s location and the site’s density factor. This guide provides an overview of the Cobb County tree ordinance articles and the process for obtaining a tree removal or land disturbance permit.

Cobb County Tree Removal Permit Process:

The Cobb County Community Development Agency enforces the tree protection ordinance. Any land disturbance activities, such as residential subdivisions, commercial development, and fill/site grading, require a land use site-plan review, except for minor landscaping. The agency’s staff evaluates each project’s scope to determine if a land disturbance permit is necessary.

*Note: In some cases, you may not need a permit to remove a tree. However, we recommend contacting the Cobb Development Agency at (770) 218-0068 if you are uncertain.

Cobb County Tree Ordinance:

When undertaking major land work that involves tree removal, you must submit a plan to replant trees to replace those being removed. The tree ordinance mandates a total site density factor of no less than 15 units per acre. Trees cannot be removed from protected zones unless there is documentation of economic hardship or the trees are dead, dying, diseased, or hazardous. By contacting the county Development Agency, they can assess whether a permit is required for tree removal.

Tree Removal Permit Issuance:

Cobb County issues permits after site plans have been submitted, reviewed, and approved.

For more information about the Cobb County Tree Ordinance Statutes and permitting process, click the provided link.

Other Ordinance and Permit Information:

If your property falls within another jurisdiction, visit our comprehensive list of ordinances and permits.

Need to Get a Permit?

Let Aable John’s manage the permit process. Simply contact us for more information. Have a question? Drop a line in the comment section below for a quick response. 

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