At Aable John’s Tree Service, Inc., we have the equipment and experience to perform total tree removal. We are equipped with a bucket truck, log trucks, a Bobcat, chipper trucks, and stump grinders. Our equipment is top-of-the-line and well maintained. Our crews are neat and professional.  Aable Johns Tree Removal Services is bonded, licensed and insured.


We can perform all aspects of tree work from the minimal stump grinding, to mid-range work like trimming trees, pruning trees, or completely removing trees. We also regularly handle major projects such as lot clearing or residential clearing of any number of trees. Whatever tree services you desire, we aim to please the customer!

Aable John’s Tree Service, Inc. obtained general liability insurance through Owens and Associates , LLC. Amerisafe Insurance holds our policy. A copy of our “Certificate of Insurance” is available on the site.

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Aable John

By request, you can have a copy sent directly to you from Amerisafe dated the day it is issued. Our general liability insurance covers damage to your property, your house, your cars, and your out buildings.

Our worker’s compensation insurance is Summit Risk Advisors, LLC and is through Accident Insurance Company. This policy covers anyone who might sustain injury on your property and includes loss of wages and hospital bills. This will protect the homeowner from any liability and lawsuits that may have gone forward were worker’s compensation insurance not in place.

Many tree service companies say they are insured — but are they really? Be sure to check with their insurance companies to determine the specifics of their coverage, and remember that there are different types of policies for different coverage.

At Aable John’s Tree Service, Inc., we are:

  • Insurance Claim Specialists
  • Hazardous Tree Specialists
  • Storm Damage Specialists


Look for any of the following. While this is not a complete list, if you do notice any of these on your property, it might be a good idea to give us a call.

  • Presence of dead or dying trees
  • Presence of dead limbs
  • Insect and disease problems
  • Trees hitting a building
  • Branches rubbing on the roof
  • Beginning construction near trees
  • Storm clean-up
  • Maintenance to prevent storm damage to trees
  • Visible signs of decay or cavities in the trunk or branches
  • A history of falling branches
  • Any fungal fruiting bodies attached to the trunk or branches
  • Any cracks or splits in the trunk or branches
  • Any signs of termite activity
  • Unseasonal leaf drop or flower production
  • Large heavy branches that don’t taper off in thickness towards the end
  • Any unusual swollen areas at the base of the trunk
  • Any root damage in the last ten years
  • Any dead branches hung up in the canopy
  • Any signs of branches dying back in the canopy


Aable John’s tree service of is up to the task when you have a difficult or hazardous tree removal job to be done. Using modern tree climbing and rigging techniques, we remove trees in the safest manner possible. Tree branches and tree trunk wood is brought to the ground with lowering ropes and pulleys to minimize the impact to the existing landscape.

If you are in need of tree removal services,  Aable John’s tree service for a free estimate on the cost of the tree removal. It might be less than you think and we can grind up the tree branches, haul away the wood from the tree removal, and grind up the tree stump after the tree removal is complete. Dead tree removal is the type of tree work that should be left up to professional arborists.

Aable Johns of is always available for Tree Removal Services. We can remove trees damaged by storms, remove fallen trees and clean up broken branches from your yard. If you need broken tree branches removed from a tree we our tree climbing arborists can perform restoration tree pruning.

Trees with structural defects, or hazardous trees, can be the most dangerous tree removals an arborist will encounter. This is not the type of tree maintenance that should be handled by a homeowner. Hazardous tree removals should be performed by insured, professional arborists. Our arborists are familiar with all the tree species common in Indianapolis and can help you determine if your tree is a hazardous tree. Our utilization of tree climbing arborists or a cherry picker and modern tree rigging techniques allows us to safely remove hazardous trees.


Every so often we get asked for recommendations on other home-related services.  Here are a few highly-rated companies we have come across over the years.