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Tree Pruning Services

Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning should be done by tree service professionals. At Aable John’s, we provide a variety of advantages to your trees. Our tree pruning services include the removal of broken, diseased, or dead branches in order to inhibit decay-producing fungi from penetrating and infecting other parts of the tree. The removal of living branches is necessary on occasion to allow the leaves to have increased exposure to sunlight and to improve the circulation of air within the canopy of the tree.


Pruning trees to achieve an enhancement of structure is accomplished through the pruning of young trees. These are the most important procedures for your new tree plantings to help ensure a desirable branch architecture or distribution as well as structural integrity. Also, proper tree pruning of young specimens now will reduce the potential of expensive problems and the need for structural support.


Tree pruning for appearance and restoration is essential for maximizing the beauty of formal plantings and landscapes. In particular, we favor aesthetic tree care when the characteristic form of your trees has degenerated.

Both large and small tress require occasional pruning. Pruning is necessary for the health of the tree, and/or to improve the appearance of the tree. It takes a professional to know how much or how little to prune, and in many cases the branches that need attention are at a high altitude in the tree. Let the professionals at Aable John’s Tree Service handle the job from start to finish.


When to Contact a Tree Removal Company


When would you be advised to hire a tree services company? Picture this:


A tree limb crashing through a window, sprinkling glass all over the living room carpet! Surely an occurrence to avoid, right? But what if you need to have tree limbing work done in order to let more sun into a garden area? If you undertake your tree limbing project yourself, you risk precisely that occurrence, when the tree of note looms precariously over your house. Decidedly, tree limbing is not a project to rush into. Even the most militant, avid outdoor handyman will probably want to yield to the expertise of tree service professionals on this one.


Never attempt to trim a tree near electrical wires yourself.


Preventative Tree Pruning


Our periodic tree reviews are done with safety in mind, and storm damage prevention. This is essential in the elimination or reduction of the danger and damage that could be caused by falling limbs. This is especially relevant for trees encroaching into the space above driveways, pedestrian paths, and surrounding buildings. In addition, we recommend pruning trees with low-hanging branches in certain areas in order to eliminate interference with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


Pruning Trees for Great Views


“Vista” tree pruning increases the value of your landscape; tree pruning enhances the beauty of your property by creating visual access to lakes, rivers, valleys, or other notable views. Vista tree pruning makes the most of surrounding views, while maintaining privacy where desired.


Tree Pruning Is A Safety Issue


The electric utility standard for tree pruning is a four-year maintenance cycle. This means the clearance obtained from power lines through pruning and removals should last at least four years.


Tree limbs touching power lines pose a danger to the public, especially children, and utility workers.


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